Isis & Thoth

I thought I would explore some of the bogs here and see what the collective intelligence complex has to offer on the topic of Thoth, or Hermes as he is sometimes known in later Greek literature. Much of this will be known already by readers with a background in esoteric knowledge, but for those readers with no former exposure to the Egyptian deity, or demiurge; This should be new:


Isis & Thoth (far left and right) aid Horus on the famous Metternich Stele Isis & Thoth (far left and right) add Their magic to Horus’ on the famous Metternich Stele

Ancient Egypt’s two Great Divine Magicians are Isis and Thoth.

Interestingly, both went on to have rather illustrious careers outside Their native Egypt as key players in the Western Esoteric Tradition; Isis as THE quintessential Goddess of esotericism, Thoth as Hermes Trismegistos, THE quintessential teacher of esoteric wisdom.

In fact, the two Divine Magicians have always had a close relationship. Although in earlier Egyptian tradition, Isis is the daughter of Geb and Nuet, Earth God and Sky Goddess, by Plutarch’s time (1st century CE) he is able to say that “many have related that she is the daughter of Hermes,” that is, of Thoth. One inscription calls Her the “vizier and daughter of Thoth.” J. Gwyn Griffiths, one of my favorite scholars, says the two Deities were probably thought to have a family relationship because both were known to be exceptionally wise.

Thoth, Thrice Great Thoth, Thrice Great

A Hermetic…

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My Prior NDE and Knowledge From Beyond

In 2008 I was clinically dead for longer than normal for someone to be revived. I choose not to go into detail about this traumatic event, but I will state I experienced a life changing Near-Death Experience (NDE). I was working as a receptionist at the time and my life was not heading in the direction I wished it. This event changed me, but it also gave me one piece of knowledge I needed to narrow down who was making the noise coming from the sky.

A week ago The Hum was varying in tone in such a way it seemed to resemble a natural spoken language, more to the point it seemed it was for the most part speaking a mumbled English. I could not understand what it was saying as attentively as I tried to listen, but the tone was similar to the voice of an entity I met in my NDE; So I ask it “Are you the same one as when I died”. The response was a clear “Yes”.

There were 2 identifiable entities in my NDE, so it had to be one of them: Thoth or Ra?

This was when things started to become a little more interesting and a little less strange.

The Hum: its more than you think

Crucial to the understanding of recent events is knowledge of the phenomenon know as the hum; a low pitched, described as between 20-50Hz, hum that comes from the sky. My personal experience early on was similar to what many around the world have reported hearing, this YouTube video is close to what I hear:

It would be easy to dismiss this as ambient industrial noise for those who have not experienced, I wont address why the assessment is incorrect in this post as there are a number of issues to cover on that topic alone. What I aim to draw the readers attention to here is the comments on that youtube page. A number of people claim they can not hear the sound on the video, this is to be expected with sounds on the lower end of the human hearing range; What I did not expect were the number of comments that claim they hear a high-pitched tone.

This gave me an idea that the sound itself is dynamic. This aspect hinted at a more organic source. But what?.

Dr Jacques Vallee and the IDH

Accepting the events as being kundalini awakening were not taken up upon discovery of the syndrome, there was still a real physical world aspect to these phenomena. Things in the physical world were being manipulated and it was hard to ignore the possibility of the traditional UFO/Aliens angle. Being that one of these events was a supposed CE3 phenomenon, it was an angle that had to be explored.

It was then a pleasant surprise to come across the work of Dr Jacques Vallee, who in UFOlogy terms is the self confessed hieratic among heretics, as his views are at odds with the UFOlogist status quo.

Before I continue, I must state that I do not hold his work as fact-of-the-matter, the book (Dimensions) that I will link is not an academic work as far as I am concerned. There are no references and for the extraordinary claims he makes would benefit from their inclusion. However this work introduced me to his Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis (IDH), which indeed did help understand the events at hand.

I choose not to post quotes from this book, but wish to alert the readers to its availability online (for free), and list it as suggested reading, as concepts from this text may be used later on to illustrate ideas.


Yoga and Kundalini

Early on, I was completely at a loss to describe the events and instances and sought information from a number of sources to ascertain what was actually happening to me. An early commenter on another forum claimed I had “Invited” in a “demon”, and that some action I had done instigated the unusual events. Being that my life was fairly uniform for the past few years, I had few new interests that I could deliberate on causation.

The exception was I had started yoga, as at my age I need some exercise to maintain health. What I didnt really expect was a spiritual renaissance or re-awakening as has happened. I knew there existed a spiritual side to yoga–it is after all a martial art; I felt an answer could be better tracked down by researching theoretical aspects of the art. I found what is known as: Kundalini syndrome.

Before we explore this, we should briefly look at Kundalini (from Wikipedia):

…stems from yogic philosophy as a form of shakti or “corporeal energy”. Kundalini is described within Eastern religious, or spiritual, tradition as an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately to bestow the state of Yoga, or Divine Union, upon the ‘seeker’ of truth “. The Yoga Upanishads describe Kundalini as lying “coiled” at the base of the spine, represented as either a goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. In modern commentaries, Kundalini has been called an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force.

Healthy body; healthy mind?. Well, it is but don’t forget about the trial by fire of Kundalini Syndrome:

The concept of Kundalini comes from Hinduism and is traditionally used to describe a progression of psycho-spiritual potentials, associated with the understanding of the body as a vehicle for spiritual energies. Kundalini syndrome is a term employed by Western researchers, and commentators, to refer to the condition which occurs when experiences traditionally associated with kundalini awakening arise, often unsought, which overwhelm or cause distress to the experiencer.

So the silly little western girl, in the hopes of gaining some personal fitness, ends up on a spiritual sojourn.

The field of Transpersonal Psychology describe several phenomena that can be understood as a spiritual emergence,Note e or as a spiritual emergency.[24] In addition to mystical experiences, near-death experience, “shamanistic initiatory crisis”, and “psychic opening”, the authors mention kundalini awakening: “a complex physio-psycho-spiritual transformative process described in the Yogic tradition”.[73] If there is an uncontrolled emergence of spiritual phenomena, causing a significant disruption in a persons daily life and daily functioning, then we may speak of a spiritual problem. Spiritual problems have been discussed in relation to theDSM-IV diagnostic category “Religious or Spiritual Problem”

Emphasis mine.

It does not end here, no; This is just the beginning.

First off: An Introduction

Being that I wish to remain anonymous on this blog, I will keep this brief. I am a 34 year old woman in Australia who has just recently started to experience unusual phenomenon. It started with minor oddities, but has just manifest itself as an omnipresent voice from a non-terrestrial source.

Lets not get carried away here, I did undertake months of research to determine that this voice is non-terrestrial, and al tho this is the conclusion as of writing this post, it may be the case that this assessment is correct.

To address any question on the veracity of my research, I can only offer hyperbole as response. I am well aware that “research” on the internet (especially in the case of anonymous blogs) is little more than a few hours skimming Google results and Wikipedia entries. This to me is not research, I was a student of Laws at a major university prior to this recent turn in my life. I know how tor research, and I hope that will be adequately demonstrated throughout the course of this blog.

I do encourage user comment, my research is only as good as the scrutiny it receives. However I must state from the beginning that comments that are not productive to the discourse will likely be removed. I will tolerate comments that hold a particular  viewpoint, but I will not accept trolling for one particular viewpoint over another.

My claims will be extraordinary, but they are not falsified nor are they in my opinion the product of a delusional mind. If you choose to read this blog, you choose to enter the reality it depicts. The rabbit hole is deep and it goes all the way down to the top.

The blog you start because some voice from the sky told you