First off: An Introduction

Being that I wish to remain anonymous on this blog, I will keep this brief. I am a 34 year old woman in Australia who has just recently started to experience unusual phenomenon. It started with minor oddities, but has just manifest itself as an omnipresent voice from a non-terrestrial source.

Lets not get carried away here, I did undertake months of research to determine that this voice is non-terrestrial, and al tho this is the conclusion as of writing this post, it may be the case that this assessment is correct.

To address any question on the veracity of my research, I can only offer hyperbole as response. I am well aware that “research” on the internet (especially in the case of anonymous blogs) is little more than a few hours skimming Google results and Wikipedia entries. This to me is not research, I was a student of Laws at a major university prior to this recent turn in my life. I know how tor research, and I hope that will be adequately demonstrated throughout the course of this blog.

I do encourage user comment, my research is only as good as the scrutiny it receives. However I must state from the beginning that comments that are not productive to the discourse will likely be removed. I will tolerate comments that hold a particular  viewpoint, but I will not accept trolling for one particular viewpoint over another.

My claims will be extraordinary, but they are not falsified nor are they in my opinion the product of a delusional mind. If you choose to read this blog, you choose to enter the reality it depicts. The rabbit hole is deep and it goes all the way down to the top.


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