The Hum: its more than you think

Crucial to the understanding of recent events is knowledge of the phenomenon know as the hum; a low pitched, described as between 20-50Hz, hum that comes from the sky. My personal experience early on was similar to what many around the world have reported hearing, this YouTube video is close to what I hear:

It would be easy to dismiss this as ambient industrial noise for those who have not experienced, I wont address why the assessment is incorrect in this post as there are a number of issues to cover on that topic alone. What I aim to draw the readers attention to here is the comments on that youtube page. A number of people claim they can not hear the sound on the video, this is to be expected with sounds on the lower end of the human hearing range; What I did not expect were the number of comments that claim they hear a high-pitched tone.

This gave me an idea that the sound itself is dynamic. This aspect hinted at a more organic source. But what?.


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